Wed, May 8th 2019 through Sat, May 11, 2019

  • Scotiabank Dance Centre (map)

An entry-level Odissi Dance technique and study session, suitable for dancers of all backgrounds and experience levels, as well as yoginis and all that are curious.

One of the Indian Classical dance forms, Odissi has been preserved and then revived as a sacred form of temple dance dating back through millennia. The metaphors expressed through the body in this dance, make it akin to yoga. Its form embodies sacred geometry. These geometries are drawn through movement, hand gesture and percussive footwork, transforming the dancing ground into a mandala.

Facilitated by Dr. Elena Catalano, an Odissi dancer and scholar visiting from London, UK. She holds a PhD from the University of Durham and is a senior lecturer at Kingston University teaching dance anthropology, Odissi and yoga. Elena regularly performs pieces of traditional Odissi dance repertoire and collaborates with other artists to create original choreographic work. :

instagram: @odissielena

Beloved guru, Sujata Mohapatra

Beloved guru, Sujata Mohapatra

Dr. Elena Catalano

Dr. Elena Catalano

A Four Part Series:



11:30AM - 12:30PM

An academic lecture exploring Odissi Dance Philosophy. Metaphors of the body as sacred geometry. The convergence of Odissi’s spiritual and aesthetic goals.

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12:30PM - 1:30PM

Practice session: An introduction to the dance’s two foundational postures Chouka and Tribanghi, its invocational prayer, Odissi rhythm and hand gesture (mudras).




All Levels. Odissi Technique. Forming and tracing sacred geometry with the body through the postures and movements of Odissi. An exploration of the distinct rhythm, percussive footwork & hand gesture (mudras). Participants will learn a short composition that can be used for self practice.

$108 for 2 Wksps




All Levels: Odissi Expression. The narrative of the Dance. Hand gesture & facial expression to convey mythological story and emotion. A short composition will be shared that participants can use for self practice.

$108 for 2 Wkshps


10AM-5PM, includes vegetarian lunch

1 Day Retreat. Odissi Dance in dialogue with nature.
‘Becoming the dance’, an ecological practice.

Set on a private, creekside forested lot in Britannia Beach, BC. We will walk in nature and explore dance as a transformational self practice. We will build a connection with the body in the technique of Odissi Dance, while exploring the mythological storytelling that narrates the dance.